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6 Ways to Fix Your Barebones SEO Strategy

Elevate your SEO strategy with original, compelling content 

About this eBook

We're thrilled to partner with Jay Baer of Convince & Convert to create this ebook on how to create a winning SEO strategy anchored in phenomenal content. This ebook isn't an introduction to SEO, instead, we're focusing on advanced strategies to truly elevate your SEO.

What you'll learn

Why a barebones SEO strategy doesn't cut it anymore.

How to build evergreen content that provides consistent, lasting value.
How to create and design content that earns you backlinks.
Why your content needs to be elite, not just good.





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About the Author

Jay Baer

Jay Baer helps businesses clone their customers. He is the President of Convince & Convert, a consulting firm that helps the world's most iconic brands like The United Nations, Nike, 3M, and Oracle use technology to win new customers, and keep the customers they've already earned.

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